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Sissy Dipoko the enchanting voice of the 70s into the 90s is the godmother of the Balafon Music Awards 2021

Écrit par sur 11 novembre 2021


Born in Douala, the cradle of culture in Cameroon, Sissy Dipoko from her tender age, developed interest in dancing but was also very much basketball inclined.

From a childhood dream which had nothing to do with music, Sissy dipoko has turned out to be a legendary makossa hit maker in Cameroon and out of its borders, with her breathtaking voice, she has succeeded to write her name in the sands of time as far as music is concerned. in 2016, she is made Balafon d’honneur by Radio Balafon in the 4th edition of the Balafon Music Awards. This year, she makes her comeback as godmother of the 9th edition of the most prestigious award ceremony in Cameroon.
Fashion was not too far from her, as in the 70s she will illuminate several runways appealing to the attention of prominent music producers, while her collaboration with Bill loko will eventually open the gates to prominence with the title “Nen Lambo”

Other names like the late international saxophonist manu Dibango will not hesitate to have her on their musical projects, she will from there be part of his team and will accompany the band on various tours, Sissy dipoko will later expand her tentacles by collaborating with the giants of the music industry nationally and internationally amongst others, the South African Myriam Makeba, pierre Akendegue, Ray lema, Guy lobe, Aladji touré, toto guillaume, tala andré marie, moni bile and Dina bell
The makossa singer’s biggest moments will be with the saxophonist manu dibango whom she will accompany at international festivals, “jazz à vienne” “les franco folies de la Rochelle”, concerts at the Olympia de paris will turn out to be a resounding success.

The year 1991 will be crucial for the makossa artist, as she sends out her first album “Mun’am” translated as “my child” the record of five songs rich by the diversity of its rhythms is an instant success.
By the dusk of the 90s the icon will withdraw from the music industry and will be dedicated to the education of her three children. In 2004 she put her expertise to the development of the musical industry in Cameroon and the diaspora against music piracy, and plays an important role in the creation of the Cameroun Music Corporation.
The welfare of youths is also a cause dear to her and she puts in efforts to assist them.
Sissy Dipoko brought the icing to the cake by celebrating three decades in music from the 14th of July till the 11th of August 2013. The event which had the late Manu Dibango as god father took place in the cities of Douala, Yaounde, Limbe, and Bamenda bringing together prominent figures in the industry like Sam Fan Thomas, KOKO Ateba, Dina BELL, Petit pays amongst others
Get ready to be submerged in the melodious voice of this Cameroon female voice.


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