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Douala Fiesta: The economic city demands more.

Écrit par sur 4 janvier 2021


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The event which started on December 22, ended with the election of Miss Douala Fiesta, Ndum Issie Marie 20 year old management student at the Catholic University who has as main objective creating more awareness on cancer and its devastating effects. She beat her five other counterparts from all sub divisions in the Wouri division. The maiden edition of the event graced participants with cash prices ranging from 100 thousand to 500 thousand cfa francs. Each district miss had an initial 300 thousand then the overall winner had an additional 500 thousand francs to carry on with her project within the year.


From December 22 2020 to January 2 2021, Cameroon artists entertained denizens in the four selected sites; Mbanga Japoma in the Douala 3 district, Bonaberi in the Douala 4 district, Bonapriso in Douala 2 and Manoka in Douala 6.


The people of the different municipalities expressed satisfaction on the first edition of Douala Fiesta. The initiative of the city mayor was applauded by parents who rushed in with children during the festive season for a moment of “relaxation”.
Douala city mayor Dr. Roger Mbassa Ndine has assured all that the 2021 edition is a rendez vous.

Veronica AJI

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